How to Host a Game Night, an Apples to Apples Review

I recently met a new couple that I really like, and they live incredibly close to me. It so happens that another couple with whom my partner and I have been friendly also live close by, and we’ve all said to each other at different times that we should hang out more than we do.

Saturday Potpourri: Misaligned Priorities

I’ve been a busy boy lately, and believe it or not a lot of it has had to do with this blog. Well, blog network. Sorta thing. Despite the almost complete lack of posting on my part, I’ve:

learned about WordPress-mu
installed WordPress-mu
navigated the transition of the one-blog-many-authors model to the many-niche-blogs-feeding-an-uber-blog model
tried to market Ray’s great

An Apology to RSS Subscribers

If you’re reading this via your RSS feed, no doubt you’ve been swarmed with “new” content over the last week or so. I’m really sorry about that. What happened is we’ve been moving to a new platform for the blog, and when the old stuff is imported the blog thinks it’s new again.

Saturday Potpourri: Well, That’s Settled.

Perhaps the most random thing to date on this blog, but I’m thoroughly amused. While surfing the ‘net on Wednesday I was led (via I-don’t-know-how-many links) to a Yahoo Answers page. Fine. However, at the bottom of the page other questions and answers are pimped, in two categories: “Open Questions” and “Resolved Questions.”