Fantasy Football: Weeks 8-11 Aftermath

Yeeeeaaah, so I have a lot of catching up to do, so let’s get to it.

Prior to week 8, I had offered up a couple of trade that would have upgraded a couple of my opponents but would have upgraded me even more over the multiple trades; in other words, I make 2 opponents ~5 […]

Truth in Comics, or Flash Games I Have Loved

The brilliant xkcd published this comic awhile back. I knew it to be true instantly (me and a million others, it’s not hard to see the artists’ smarts) but I couldn’t remember a specific game that had caught me recently.
Well, pshaw. I’ve found a game that I cannot get enough of, and like all good […]

Stardock and the non-sequel to Master of Magic

Hot diggity damn.
Stardock, after teasing us for more than a year, has officially announced that they are producing a spiritual successor to the classic Master of Magic . The new title, Elemental: War of Magic , does not actually build off of the MoM license. However, MoM was a Magic: the Gathering / Civilization double […]

How to Host a Game Night, an Apples to Apples Review

I recently met a new couple that I really like, and they live incredibly close to me. It so happens that another couple with whom my partner and I have been friendly also live close by, and we’ve all said to each other at different times that we should hang out more than we do. […]

Fantasy Football: Week 7 Aftermath and Making Trades

I’m catching up with this, any anyway I got creamed. 63 points in a league where about half the teams cross the century mark each week – yep, ker smackers. What happened?
Nothing happened, that’s what. Barring a bye or two I was starting what should be a 1st string team:

QB – Peyton Manning
WR – Plaxico […]