How Government Backstops are Destabilizing the Financial System

I have already explained the root cause of why we are in a financial crisis. I have explained why talking heads talking about this being a liquidity problem are speaking bunk. Now, I am going to explain why the current actions of governments around the world are making things far worse.
The last few weeks have […]

Liquidity, and the Game of Hot Potato

Please nip over at some point and have a look at my post about the root cause of the financial crisis. It will make this post make more sense.
I have already pointed out that the root of the problem is that many companies are functionally bankrupt because they are holding debt that has no value. […]

The Root of the Problem, Counterfeit Debt

In other posts, I have written long expositions of why we are in a financial crisis. I have decided to write several short posts on the subject as well.
The root of the problem is counterfeit money. I’m sure that’s a statement worthy of a double take for most people, but it is true.
In today’s world, […]

The Moment of Truth Approaches

Please note: the case for why I believe the following is laid out thoroughly here , here , and then here .
Well, I think the financial crisis is about ready to really get started.
So far, every government response to the crisis has been to make it worse, along with taking on debt. Taking on debt […]

An Object Lesson: How Not to Treat a Depression

It seems that some UCLA professors have figured out why the Great Depression lasted 15 years.
And the answer iiiiss: “F.D.R!”
I am quite scared for the short term future of the USA. I look at the potential presidents we could end up with, and I am faced with either ignorance or mal-education, or both. Let’s hope […]